The Road Trip Diaries – Day Five!

“Shaking hands with the past”

Welcome to the fifth and final instalment of the road trip diaries. I bet you’re really sad that it’s over right? Don’t worry, I am too! We’ll get through it together ❤

In this episode we will be spending the morning in Leeds before heading home, via the town of Stamford.


We checked out of the Metropolitan hotel and headed to breakfast at the Hotel Chocolat.

  “Hotel Chocolat? For breakfast? Are you crazy?”

No we’re not! This particular branch of the posh chocolatier chain has a restaurant and bar attached, and that’s where we decided to have our morning meal.

Like a pair of basic bitches, we had been craving avocado and poached eggs all week, so when we saw them on the menu we jumped at the chance. The Hotel Chocolat restaurant seems to try and incorporate chocolate into the breakfast menu wherever it can (naturally!). Our toast, avocado, cherry tomatoes and poached eggs came topped with cacao nibs, which we both agreed, were not a welcome addition. Call me unsophisticated, but it tasted like someone had spat gravel over my breakfast.

*cue foodies rolling their eyes*

 *cue me not caring *

A delicious breakfast, destroyed by cacao nibs

We had planned out a route around the city and hit the following hotspots:

  1. The River Aire and Centenary Bridge – this river is one of the largest in Yorkshire and has been canalised in Leeds. The bridge was built to allow easy access to a range of plush apartment buildings, offices, bars and restaurants. It is also beginning to develop as a location for ‘love locks’!
  2. Kirkgate market – proudly the largest covered market in Europe, which has over 800 stalls and apparently attracts 100,000 visitors a week!
  3. Leeds Minster – a church built in 1841 in gothic style, which is located just around the river bend (as Pocahontas would say).
  4. Trinity– this is a huge shopping mall in the city centre, which was opened in 2013 and comprises of 3 levels. A must for any shopaholic!
View from Centenary Bridge
Leeds Minster


The journey back to Hertfordshire was going to be a long one so we got back on the road, stopping off for a break in the town of Stamford. Stamford is in the county of Lincolnshire and is full of cute streets, cafés, churches and parks.

We arrived in Stamford around 4pm on a Saturday and were surprised to find the place completely dead. There were no restaurants open that we could find, no cafés serving food and we ended up walking around the town aimlessly looking for food. As we were tired, we soon went from hungry to HANGRY and ended up savagely attacking the only place where food was available – GREGGS.

Anyone from the UK will know that Greggs is the dog’s bollocks but not the best of places to eat in terms of quality (normally reserved for students, people with hangovers and the obese). I will never turn my nose up at a Greggs pasty, but it was not the way I wanted to spend the last meal of the road trip. Sort it out Stamford!

And sadly, that is it for the Road Trip Diaries! You might want to listen to this emotional music as you read the next part.

During our long driving sessions, Bronte and I had the chance to really talk about things. We have been friends for many years, and have always had the kind of relationship where we can say anything to each other. You might have some thoughts that you think are better left unsaid, things that you might think would make you look or sound bad if you admitted them aloud. We say them anyway! So when the conversation turned to regrets, wanting to move forward and leave bad things and negative people behind, we went in deep and both felt better after it was over.

However, sometimes talking just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a lightning bolt from the universe to show you how far you’ve come as a person and that you’re on the right path. This is what happened to us on the last day of our road trip, and although the nature of this is going to stay private, it definitely made us feel like everything was meant to be.

Photo credit –

And just like that, a journey that started by donating tampons to a homeless shelter, turned into an emotional journey and the holiday of a life time. If any film makers want to get in touch regarding the rights to our story, we are always open to negotiations as long as we get input into all casting decisions.

Thanks for reading,

~Plane Emoji

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