Sarastro: A Meal with a Difference

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It’s time for a little life update! In my last couple of posts you may have picked up on the fact that I had been unemployed since July, after finishing my solicitor training. I’m very pleased to say that last week I was offered a job as a qualified employment lawyer at a fantastic firm in London! So now that I’m in my favourite city in the world for at least 5 days a week and everything is feeling Christmassy as hell, I thought I would do a throwback of sorts and tell you about a wonderful place I visited last Christmas.

In December 2014, my best friend Chalupa and I set ourselves the challenge of organising an experience day for one another in London. I know, we’re super cute! I wanted to include food in my plan because frankly I think about little else. I wanted this to be a meal with a difference however, and so after a little research, I found Sarastro.

Sarastro is found tucked away on Drury Lane and it is a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine in a very unique space. I am by no means a foodie blogger, but the main appeal of Sarastro wasn’t the food for me, it was the setting and the unusual entertainment you got inside.

To set the scene, we walked in through the doors and saw this –

Have you ever seen a place like this before?

The whole room is decorated and built in decadent ‘opera style’ with gilded fixtures and opulent, jewel toned fabrics. One long table runs through the centre of the restaurant and the rest of the smaller tables are built up the walls in balconies.


We ordered from a set menu; being presented first with a great array of Turkish mezze.

Kisir, Hummus, Tzatiki, Sambousek and Aubergine

The second course for me was chicken topkapi; chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and peppers and served with Parisian potatoes. It was a delicious Mediterranean twist on a traditional Christmas dinner, but to be perfectly honest, I was rather distracted from what I was eating because the entertainment had started.

Chicken Topkapi

A couple of times a week, Sarastro has a performance which entertains its guests while they eat. This takes place in the centre of the dining area and the performers often move around and interact with the diners. You can check out Sarastro’s website (linked above) for the current performances they’re putting on and when you can see them. When Chalupa and I attended however, the first act on was a lively string quartet who played everything from Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ to more contemporary music. While you would normally think of classical music as very refined and classy, this quartet really got things going with dancing, shouting and high kicks.


The second performers were an operatic duet. I wish I could include some of the videos I took that day here for you to witness for yourself, but you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that it was magical and at times, jaw dropping.

I had to screenshot this off Instagram … check out my account for the video!

All in all, if you’re looking for a restaurant that offers delicious food but has a little something extra you really must visit Sarastro. The price of the meal is slightly higher than you might find elsewhere but you are benefiting from a free show and one of the most unique dining settings in London. I really like the fact that it offers classical music and opera at a price point that will be a lot more affordable for people who cannot spend hundreds of pounds going to places like the Royal Albert Hall. It’s definitely a great treat for Christmas time!


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