5 Cheap Things to do in London pt.2

Hello all!

Last year I published a post called ‘5 Cheap Things to do in London’, which you can read here. This post well down quite well so I thought I would do a follow up with 5 more cheap things you can do in London! I have blogged about some of these places separately, so rather than going into heaps of details, you can follow the links and find out more.

As mentioned in my last post, ‘cheap’ is subjective. Last time, everything on the list ranged from FREE to £15. This time I have set the bar even lower and will say that you can enjoy yourself between FREE and £10 (read on for caveats).

  • Pineapple Dance Studios 

What could be a better way to have a laugh with your friends and get fit than by taking a dance class? I go to one of these classes every week and have not only felt my fitness improving but it has given me something new to look forward to after work. It costs £10 to take a class here (£4 paid to reception and £6 to the teacher) and they teach every style of dance under the sun. You can check out their weekly timetable here.

I had never taken a dance lesson before starting at Pineapple and can assure anyone who is a bit worried about their skills that there are plenty of classes for beginners and no one will judge you for being a little out of time. 🙂 The best part is that you can just turn up on the day – there are no contracts to sign and no need to book in advance.

  • St. Dunstan in the East

Even though the last time I visited this abandoned and ruined churchyard I was in a state of mental distress , I would highly recommend a visit to this place. It is an oasis in the middle of busy London and is a fantastic place for photography (you know we all about the ‘grams). Best of all, it’s free to enter.

For a little more history into St.Dunstan in the East, check out my blog post here. Be warned though, it’s about as upbeat as an eye infection (I have a job now, it’s all good).

It has to be seen to be believed 
  • Spitalfields City Farm

This is another one of those places that doesn’t really fit with its surroundings. It’s a working farm, filled with animals but it’s 2 minutes away from Brick Lane. Go figure. It’s free  and a great place to go with children (or without, if you’re like me). For more information, you can read all about it in my blog post.


The highlights are a talking parrot, feeling like you’ve escaped into the country and the fact that they also offer great volunteering opportunities for animal lovers and those who want to spend a day with friends or family, while giving back to the community.

  • Camden

Now, you may argue that these final two ideas can’t be done for under £10. Obviously, if you turn up at Camden market and buy a pair of leather chaps from the goth shop you’re not going to stay within budget. However, it is perfectly possible to meander through the lanes buying the odd trinket and indulging in the very reasonably priced street food for £10 or less. Why not treat it as a challenge?

Not only is the market amazing, there are a multitude of interesting things to see and do in Camden, such as Camden Lock, the street art, the buskers and the food.

  • Street Feast

This is one for my foodies. Street Feast can be found at four locations around London, every Friday and Saturday from 5pm and entry before 7pm is free! After 7pm entry is £3 per person. I attended the Dalston Street Feast which was held in a super grungey and hipster abandoned warehouse with barrels full of fire for warmth and park benches/old sofas for seating.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As mentioned, the amount you spend will depend on how many stalls you visit. Each dish costs on average £4-5 and even the portions for one can easily be shared, so if you go in a group you will get more for your money! There are so many different foods to try but you should bear in mind that if you’re not into the booze, you should probably bring a drink with you because, for some reason, you won’t find any soft drinks at Street Feast!

For more information about where to go and what vendors you will find there, you can check out their website here.


I hope you enjoyed this sequel to my original blog post and as always, if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them below!

Thanks for reading,

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