5 MORE Restaurants in Hertfordshire You NEED to Try!

Happy Easter everyone!

Last year I wrote an article about the 5 restaurants in Hertfordshire I though everyone needed to try! Since then, I have continued to eat my way around Herts. and have discovered some new places which I felt compelled to share with you all. Some of these restaurants are new and some are simply new to me!

WARNING: It’s Stevenage heavy.

1. Potty Pancakes 

This stack of deliciousness can be found at Potty Pancakes in Potters Bar. They have dozens of different variations of American style buttermilk pancakes, crepes or waffles and even more on their lunch menu.


Potty Pancakes is a family run business and as a result, this is a very family friendly restaurant. They also have free parking, which is always a plus! All in all, if you’re craving something naughty for brunch, this is the perfect place to go.

My recommendation would be the Nutella and strawberry pancake stack (as pictured), but my fellow diners were particularly complimentary of the bacon and maple syrup stack too! For more information and a look at their extensive menu, click here.

2. El Bar de Tapas 

This little tapas bar could easily be missed on Stevenage Old Town High Street, if you didn’t know where to look. They serve Spanish classics like patatas bravas, tortilla and sangria in a cosy setting that might just trick you into thinking that you’re on holiday!

Their menu isn’t available on their website, as this is seasonal and could change based on the produce they have at the time. However, you can ask to see the menu in advance by contacting the restaurant directly, or you could just turn up and be surprised! If available, I would recommend the cod croquettes, garlic and chilli prawns and patatas bravas. For dessert, you simply must try the churros and the lemon sorbet (inside an actual lemon).

For more information, you can find their website here.

3. Misya

This Turkish restaurant in Stevenage Old Town High Street has been open for under a year but in this time, I have been here for dinner more times than I can remember. Turkish cuisine is probably one of my favourites because of its diversity. The meat used by the chefs in Misya is also incredibly tender and flavourful.

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While you would be hard pressed to order something disappointing off this menu, I would recommend something simple like a cop shish for a first visit. The juicy meat and the smoky flavour is a killer combination!

The one tiny gripe I would have with this restaurant is that they seem to be a victim of their own success. If you’re planning on going on a Friday night or a weekend, be prepared for quite a long wait before you are served. This is due to the sheer numbers of people who are desperate to eat here and so I would say that any wait is well worth it. Reservations are strongly suggested.

For more information, you can check out their menu here.

4. The Beech House 

I have only been to this restaurant once but since going, I have done nothing but think about when I might be able to go again. The Beech House’s menu is nothing unusual, however, I was taken aback by how well made the food was.  If you find yourself in the St. Albans area, I would really recommend trying this place over one of the major chain restaurants like ‘Prezzo’.

They do everything from breakfast/brunch to pizza, pasta and steak. I don’t have a personal photo to share with you, but here is one from ‘bookatable’ and a link to their Instagram.

Woodfired Pizza 

I would recommend the woodfired pizza and the sweet potato fries. For more information and to have a look at their menu, click here.

5. Creams Café

Stevenage Old Town High Street is absolutely popping at the moment. Not only does it have a plethora of new and exciting restaurants to choose from, it has recently become home to a new member of the Creams Café chain.

Nutella and strawberry waffle & a Banoffee Nutella waffle

Creams Café has everything from sundaes to gelato, waffles to crepes and hot cookie dough to milkshakes. Unlike some of the other milkshake/dessert chains that have come and gone from the high street over the years, I think this one is probably here to stay.

I would recommend the waffle – it’s light enough to avoid being sickly, but you can remedy this by covering it with chocolate and ice cream. At around £5 each, you can’t really complain about the price either!


If you’ve been to a restaurant in Hertfordshire that you would like to recommend, please leave a comment below!

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