A Medieval Banquet

Closest Underground Station – Tower Hill
Price – £50 pp
Website – http://www.medievalbanquet.com

Hello readers!

One of the few reasons I wasn’t absolutely devastated to be leaving Japan was because I knew that I had tickets to the Medieval Banquet lined up for the following weekend. This was my Christmas present to my friend Brontë  who, luckily, took the hint and used her spare ticket to invite me to join her!

The Medieval Banquet is located in the wonderful St. Katharine’s Docks, just a stone’s throw from the Tower of London. The premise is an immersive themed party based on a ‘traditional’ Medieval evening in the company of King Henry VIII and this court, although as Brontë pointed out, these two time periods don’t necessarily match up. We’ll let that slide!

Upon arrival, you are taken to your table by your ‘serving wench’, which has been laid for a four course meal. You get unlimited bread, ale, red wine and water on your table and you can hire costumes for an additional £10-15 pp. We were first in line to get ourselves some medieval dresses and bejewelled crowns, but there was absolutely no obligation to dress up if you weren’t into it (although why you wouldn’t want to wear a velvet gown is beyond me).

The actors ranged from King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn to bar keepers, serving wenches and court jesters. You can start your evening off by taking photos with the King and grabbing a tankard of something from the bar.

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The entertainment continued pretty much throughout the evening, with medieval songs, dancing, duelling and acrobatics (which were insanely impressive).

Considering the theme and the location, I honestly wasn’t expecting much from the food but it was surprisingly delicious! Upon booking your place at the Medieval Banquet online, you will be asked about your dietary requirements, which means that they are able to cater for both vegetarians and those who only eat halal meat. This was a real treat for me because I often have to miss out on the traditional experience for food related reasons.

  • The first course was vegetable soup, which you could scoop up with big chunks of very tasty and absorbent bread.
  • The second course was a plate of salad, meats and cheeses.
  • The third course was a really succulent roasted chicken breast (on the bone) in a herby sauce, with vegetables and potatoes.
  • The final course was apple pie with cream.

There was a lot of food and drink to get through, which not only means that you need to arrive hungry, it also means that you are very much getting your money’s worth.

The evening ended with a jig which slowly developed into a not-so-medieval disco. Whoever had put together the playlist was clearly a real connoisseur of 90’s and Noughties music but it was quite surreal to be dancing in my dress and crown to the Cha Cha Slide.

All in all, this was a seriously fun evening and I would definitely recommend it if, like me, you love themes and fancy dress! The price may seem steep for an evening meal but when you factor in the sheer amount of food and drink, the entertainment and the novelty, it really comes to a great value night out.

Thanks for reading,

~Plane Emoji

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