‘Plate Emoji’: Chin Chin Labs

Website: http://www.chinchinlabs.com/
Closest Underground Station: Camden Town
Cuisine: Ice Cream
Price Range: £

I feel as though I had to wait 100 Instagram years (like dog years but based on the speed of social media trends) to actually make it to Chin Chin Labs successfully. The first time I couldn’t find a cash point. The second time it started raining. But the third time… ❤

I had cousins visiting me from abroad and the pressure was on to act like the cool, cosmopolitan, girl about town they had imagined me to be. I felt that this was finally the time to make Chin Chin Labs submit to my will, so I dragged them through Camden Market and we entered the long queue outside of the tiny shop.

You may be wondering why I had made all of this effort just for ice cream. Well, this isn’t your average ice cream. This place is more like a science lab (hence the name) than a dessert bar – each order of ice cream is prepared individually, from a creamy substance which is then combined with liquid nitrogen to make a perfect ball of sweet, frozen goodness.

The flavours are twists on classics, such as tonka bean (which tastes like vanilla), burnt butter caramel and roasted chocolate. They also have specials each week, such as grilled peach sorbet, coffee, basil choc chip and blueberry buttermilk.

I chose a burnt butter caramel brown-wich, which is like an open faced ice cream sandwich, but the cookies are actually made of brownies.


The toppings aren’t your usual fare either – I went for bee pollen honeycomb, while my cousins opted for hazelnut sand.

My dessert cost between £5-6 and was actually big enough for two people to share, unless you’re greedy like me. Chin Chin Labs have done so well that they have now also opened a store in Soho’s Greek Street.

They have dairy free and vegan options, as well as halal marshmallow fluff, so there’s no excuse not to go! I will be back tomorrow with another ice cream related post, so we can all make the most of the last days of summer in the UK 🙂

Thanks for reading,

~ Plane Emoji

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